• $32.99


  • This service will provide a basic diagnostic of your device. Below is an itemized list of the functionalities I will be testing. This basic diagnostic testing does not cover board level diagnostics. Board level diagnostics are considered to be circuit analysis, BGA chip inspection and requires schematics. Diagnostics will be performed within 3 days of receiving the device. If an issue is found and can be fixed you'll be emailed. In the email I'll provide the solution and the estimated repair cost. After you agree to the repair the device will be fixed. You'll receive an invoice for the repair and after the invoice is paid the device will be shipped back. Devices that can not be fixed will be returned after diagnostic cost is paid. If you have any further questions please contact me here and I'll respond within 24 hours Monday - Friday.

I will test the following on your device once received:

  1. Power: Device will be connected to a DC power supply. Current will be fed directly to the logic board and analyzed.
  2. Charging : The charge port will be tested with an AMP/Voltage reader to see if current is being drawn when connected to a power outlet. Voltage from charge port to logic board will also be independently tested with a multi-reader and compared to voltage input. 
  3. Battery: Will be tested while removed from  the device.
  4. Visual inspection: Logic board will be removed from the device and visually inspected for any structural damage to any components. 

Mail In Instructions

  • Click here to view mail in instructions.

Diagnostics Disclaimer

  • All diagnostic tests described above will be performed on the device. However if the issue can not be identified and fixed you will not be reimbursed for labor. If an issue is found you'll be notified and provided an estimate to fix the device. Diagnostic cost will be waived if repair can be successfully performed and you will be charged just the repair cost.

Repair Warranty

  • Along with the repair service you receive a 12 month component failure warranty. The 12 month component failure warranty covers the PART from failing within the warranty time period provided to you and is limited to component failure only. I do not warranty misuse or accidental damage of replacement part. When sending your device in for warranty you are responsible  for shipping costs both ways and for shipping the device back after warranty repair.