Amazon Kindle Fire HD Broken USB Charging Port Repair Service

  • $79.99


  • This service is to repair/replace your broken Amazon Kindle Fire HD charge port. You will need to mail the Amazon Kindle Fire HD in for this repair service. The processing and repair time frame for your Amazon Kindle Fire HD once received is typically 72 hours. You'll be notified within 24 hours of me receiving your Amazon Kindle Fire HD Monday - Friday during business hours. Amazon Kindle Fire HDs received after business hours or on holidays will be processed the following business day. All replacement charge ports are high quality OEM charge ports. This repair service is only for the repair listed "Amazon Kindle Fire HD charge port", no other service will be rendered unless discussed. If your Amazon Kindle Fire HD has other issues please let me know before you mail the Amazon Kindle Fire HD in for repair. Business operating hours are Monday - Friday 10AM - 6PM PST (All national holidays observed). If you have any questions please contact me. 

How this service works

  • Select the service you need. If you do not know what your issue is please contact me or mail your Amazon Kindle Fire HD in for diagnostics. 
  • Upon checkout provide your personal information such as name, email address and address you'd like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD shipped back to.
  • Securely package your Amazon Kindle Fire HD and then mail it to the address provided. Mail in address and instructions can be found here.
  • After I receive your Amazon Kindle Fire HD I'll contact you via email confirming I have received your Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Your estimated repair date will be provided as well.
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD is repaired on the estimated repair date and mailed back within 24 hours of the repair being completed Monday - Friday.

Repair Warranty

  • Along with the repair service you receive a 12 month component failure warranty. The 12 month component failure warranty covers the charge port from failing within the warranty time period provided to you and is limited to component failure only. I do not warranty misuse or accidental damage of the replacement charge port. When sending your Amazon Kindle Fire HD in for warranty you are responsible for shipping costs both ways.

Mail In Instructions

  • Click here to view mail in instructions.