Apple Iphone 5 LCD FPC Connector Repair Service

  • $59.99

  • This service is to repair/replace your broken Apple Iphone 5 LCD FPC connector and is not an actual item. We will require you to mail the Apple Iphone 5 in to us for this service. The processing and repair time frame for your Apple Iphone 5 is 72 hours, you will be notified within 24 hours of us receiving your Apple Iphone 5 Monday - Friday during our business hours, units received while closed from observing a holiday or on Saturday and Sunday are processed the following business day. All replacement LCD FPC connector are high quality OEM LCD FPC connector. This repair service is only for the repair listed "Apple Iphone 5 LCD FPC connector", no other service will be rendered unless paid for. If your Apple Iphone 5 has other issues please let us know before you mail the Apple Iphone 5 in to be repaired. You will be emailed our shipping address and shipping instructions within 24 hours of receiving your order during our business hours. If you have any questions please contact us. We will respond within 24 - 48 hours. Our business operating hours are Monday - Friday 10AM-6PM PST(All national holidays observed). Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

How this service works

  1. Diagnose the issue with your Apple Iphone 5, if you are unsure if this repair service will resolve the issue you are having please contact us before purchasing this service so we may assist you.
  2. Purchase this service and we will contact you within 24 hours during business hours Monday - Friday 10AM - 6PM PST) to provide the mail in instructions via email.
  3. Securely package your Apple Iphone 5 and than mail it in to the address provided. 
  4. When we receive your Apple Iphone 5 we will contact you via email confirming we received your Apple Iphone 5 and provide the estimated repair date for your Apple Iphone 5.
  5. Apple Iphone 5 is repaired on the estimated repair date and mailed back within 24 hours of the repair being complete.


  • Apple Iphone 5 must power on to be worked on, if the Apple Iphone 5 does not power on when connected to a fully charged LCD FPC connector or DC power supply the Apple Iphone 5 will be rejected and mailed back to you. Please note if the Apple Iphone 5 does not power on because the LCD FPC connector can not be charged this is acceptable condition for repair and the Apple Iphone 5 will be tested before the repair is attempted.

Mail In Service Disclaimer

  • This service only replaces the LCD FPC connector and guarantees the LCD FPC connector will have continuity(Electrically connected) to the logic board via solder. If the LCD FPC connector is not physically damaged(Bent, Broken, pulled up) or corroded from water damage please contact us before purchasing this service.
  • If you mail in a Apple Iphone 5 with missing solder pads and you have not paid for the jumper wire solution to fix this issue it will delay your repair! We will invoice you for the additional work.If you do not agree to this do not order our service!
  • If you have missing solder pads we do not replace the solder pads we simply run a jumper(Copper wire) from the LCD FPC connector to the corresponding component at an additional cost. We do not install new solder pads if you do not like the jumper solution please do not order this service. 
  • We reserve the right to send any board back if it does not meet our requirements for repairing the board. Ask questions before you purchase. 
  • We are not responsible for a Apple Iphone 5 that is damaged or lost during shipping.

Repair Warranty

  • Along with our repair service you receive a 12 month component failure warranty. The 12 month component failure warranty covers the LCD FPC connector from failing within the warranty time period provided to you and is limited to component failure only. We do not warranty misuse or accidental damage of replacement LCD FPC connector. When sending your Apple Iphone 5 in for warranty you are responsible for shipping cost both ways to us and for shipping the Apple Iphone 5 back after warranty repair.

Mail In Instructions

  • (STEP 1) Before mailing in your Apple Iphone 5 please remove SD cards, SIM cards and back up all data you would like saved if possible. We do not back up data and most the time we do not have to reset the Apple Iphone 5 however if we do this insures you will not loose any data.
  • (STEP 2) Package the Apple Iphone 5 safely to be shipped to us. Also include a note with your invoice number and what service you purchased. Failure to provide this note will lead to repair delays. Then take to your preferred shipping company(USPS, UPS or Fedex) and ship the Apple Iphone 5. Please note once we have received payment we will send you our shipping address and shipping instructions via email within 24 hours of your order during business hours Monday - Friday.